Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Light Line Worm Does the Trick

Summer time is well and truly here! We're enjoying some spectacular weather at the moment and the river as a consequence is dropping quickly. At least if the fishing isn't too great we can gorge ourselves on the 64 matches the World Cup has to offer or simply admire the beautiful scenery down at the river.

As I mentioned in my last post, good fishing was experienced as the flood water tapered off but from Wednesday on fishing fell away. I went out for a quick cast on Friday and scoping through a few pools unveiled very little. Just as I was leaving however, casting way down the pool along a long line of Ranunculus, I felt a solid tug and was surprised to see a big 3lb plus brown trout had taken my size 4 Flying C. That's the beauty of the Bandon, sometimes you just don't know what's going to strike your lure next!

Saturday came around and the sun was absolutely splitting the stones. Not the most conducive conditions for successful salmon fishing but if they are present there is always a chance. Casting a spinner over a fish which had splashed a couple of times yielded no response. A tactic taught to me by my uncle years ago came to mind, as it was applicable to the conditions before me. I rested the fish for a couple of hours and returned with my rod rigged up with 4lb line for fishing the worm. Employing such light line is a huge risk but can be the difference between blanking and scoring. The main advantage to be gained is the presentation, as the worm is trundled down the current in the most natural fashion possible. Using heavier line compromises the upper hand gained by this manoeuvre. However, it is not a strategy recommended for using over coloured fish or if you intend to release your capture. Covering the fish after half a dozen casts, I could feel the unmistakable draw. Giving line and waiting for the fish to run I struck into something a little bigger than I was expecting... 
The battle commenced and lasted 20 minutes before the fish ran down to the end of the pool for the umpteenth time and proceeded to exit into the next. Sprinting in chest high water after the fish for a few hundred yards and some nail biting moments later, I eventually netted the 13.5lb dazzler of a salmon 3/4 of an hour after the initial take. Of course, the hook fell out in the net, I kid you not.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Good Sport on a Dropping Flood

For the past couple of weeks fishing has been slow due to low water levels on the river. Salmon were present in good numbers but proved very hard to entice, with just a few fish falling mainly to the shrimp. Some sea trout were entering the system and I enjoyed a couple of nights out but unfortunately I brought nothing to hand. The best sea trout I hooked was pushing 2lbs but it just wouldn't stop jumping and eventually shook off my size 8 Stoat's Tail.

The Bandon took a turn for the better though on Friday with water levels rising rapidly which is exactly what it needed. Saturday saw the river bowling down and spinning was the order of the day for me due to the height, speed and colour of the water. I ventured out in the evening, trying to give the river a chance to drop, and was rewarded with a beautiful fish of 11.5lbs.

On Sunday the river was in fine fettle and acceptable for all methods. On my way down the river I had a quick chuck with a Flying C and 3rd cast I had a follow from a fish which gave the bait one quick rattle and was gone again. A few more casts yielded no more interest but the evening looked promising. The next pool down was perfect for the fly so I stuck with my intermediate tip and tied on a gold bodied Willie Gunn which served me well during the last flood. Just as I was coming down to the sweet spot I saw some people walking in the field across the way and I was thinking how great it would be if I hooked a fish in front of them. Next cast and... the strollers were stopped in their tracks!! 15 minutes later and I had a sea liced bar of silver for them to admire which I estimated to be around 8lbs before I gently slipped her back.

All in all from talking to other fishermen the general consensus is that there was a good run of fish going through. I heard of only one grilse caught with most fish weighing between 8-14lbs. With the river settling down now lets see what the week ahead brings.